Bad Friend

Writer and Director (2018)

BadFriend_Still_(l) Paris Alexander (r) Mari Moriarty (dir) Stephen Winter.jpg

World Premiere at Frameline San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival

New York 1996, Luna and Blaze, two ambitious queer best friends, have a terrible falling out and take 25 years to reunite, in this upbeat, narratively propelled music video, featuring Mx Justin Vivian Bond. WATCH


Producer - Dan Fishback

Directors of Photography - Samuel Stonefield & Ned Stresen-Reuter

Editor - Stefan Melichar

Music - Cheese on Bread from the album The One Who Wanted More


Luna - Mari Moriarty

Blaze - Paris Alexander

Photographer - Sean Donovan

Luna (present day) - Mx Justin Vivian Bond

Blaze (present day) - Stephen Winter

Roommates - Kedian Keohan, Teshale Nuer, Blake Pruitt