Jason and Shirley

Writer and Director (2015) 

“One of the year’s best” – Richard Brody –  The New Yorker      https://www.newyorker.com/goings-on-about-town/movies/jason-and-shirley

“One of the year’s best” – Richard Brody – The New Yorker


Based on a historic events, Jason Holliday, a fabulous but downtrodden black, gay, middle-aged hustler and cabaret performer whose life revolves around sex, jazz and narcotics, competes with Shirley Clarke, a wealthy Jewish Oscar-winning female filmmaker over a documentary film about his life, during a marathon 12-hour shoot in her apartment at the legendary Chelsea Hotel. WATCH   READ


Writers - Stephen Winter, Sarah Schulman, Jack Waters

Story and Characters - Stephen Winter

Cinematographer / Editor - Ned Stresen-Reuter

Original Score - Drew Brody

Producers - Stephen Winter, Ned Stresen-Reuter, Bizzy Barefoot, Jason Ryan Yamas

Executive Producers - M. Blaine Hopkins, Jake Perlin

Production Design and Costumes - Bizzy Barefoot

Art Director - Rodrigo Chazaro


Jack Waters - Jason

Sarah Schulman - Shirley

Tristan Cowen - John 

Eamon Fahey - Nico

Tony Torn - Saul

Peter Cramer - Matron

Mike Bailey-Gates - Billy Boy

Bryan Webster - Candy Man

Denise Dixon - Momma

Orran Farmer - Carl Lee